First International Post-Graduate Conference On “The Line of Inquiry in Research”

نظم قسم اللغة الإنجليزية التابع لكلية الآداب واللغات الأجنبية يومي 29 و30 أكتوبر المؤتمرالدولي الأول لما بعد التدرج حول " خط التحقيق في البحث" بمقر محافظة البحث العلمي التابعة لجامعة الشهيد مصطفى بن بولعيد بمشاركة جامعات وطنية ودولية منها جامعة قابس التونسية وجامعة البلقاء التطبيقية الأردنية.

 شهد المؤتمر وعلى مدار يومين مداخلات من عديد الأساتذة المشاركين ليتوج في الأخير بتوقيع اتفاقية تعاون وشراكة بين جامعة باتنة 2 وجامعة قابس التونسية قصد تبادل الخبرات وتنمية مؤهلات الطلبة والباحثين.

On October 29/30th, 2017, the Faculty of Letters and Foreign Languages, the Department of English Language and Literature, and the research laboratory: E-Learning and the Teaching of Foreign Language and Culture (ELTFLC) organised the First International Post-Graduate Conference on “The Line of Inquiry in Research” in memory of Prof. LARABA Samir. This academic event is the second version of the First International Post-Graduate Conference on “Research Design and Methodology in English Studies”, held in Gabes (Tunisia) on April 14-15th, 2017 jointly organised by the Tunisian Association for English Language Studies (TAELS), InstitutSupérieur de Langues de Gabes (ISLG) and the Department of English Language and Literature (Batna-2 University, Algeria). This international academic event welcomed Tunisian, Jordanian and Algerian experts and teachers and doctoral students from 23 universities. It took place at the university main Conference Room (Ex-Mouhafadha, Batna, Algeria) on October 29-30th, 2017. It was an opportunity for doctoral students whether beginners, or those who are writing up their dissertations or preparing for viva-voce examination to discuss and debate questions directly related to their research. Highly experienced Tunisian and Algerian experts did participate in this conference to share their experience with doctoral students and have them benefit from their guidance and counseling. Doctoral and undergraduate students have all contributed to the success of this first conference chaired by Pr. Mohamed Saleh NEDJAI who appointed one of the co-presidents, Dr. Radia GUERZA, as the president of the 2018 conference. At the end of the conference, the rector of Mostéfa Benboulaid Batna-2 University (Algeria), Pr. Tayeb BOUZID, and Gabes University representative, the dean of the ISLG (Tunisia), Pr. Hafedh BEN AMOR, signed a convention which aims at developing joint Master and Doctoral programmes and teachers and students’ mobility between the two universities. The department of English Language and Literature cease not organising academic scientific events. On November 15th, 2017, the doctoral student, Manel MIZAB, and the third year student, Rym DOGHMANE, organised a celebrating day of the International Education Week. It is an opportunity for students to attend experienced teachers’ talks on education, the essence of life. Indeed, Dr. Radia GUERZA (Batna-2 University) and Ms. Soumia HADDAOUI (Sétif-2 University) presented outstanding topics, and shared their experiences of studying abroad. Students livened the discussions showing a tremendous interest in international education. At the end of this celebrating session, two other study days are announced to be held on January 09th, 2018 (New ELT Methodologies) chaired by Pr. Amel BAHLOUL, and on March 04th, 2018 (The conflict of Concepts and Communication Crisis) presided by Pr. Mohamed Saleh NEDJAI.